Filters For Shop Vacuums

Dust control. The Wap vacuum (left) has a pleated paper cartridge filter and an optional disposable bag. The Bosch (center) uses a tank liner cloth and foam sleeve. Right, a paper sleeve fits over a foam sleeve on Eureka's vacuum.

♦ Pleated paper cartridge filters are easy to install and are generally better at trapping dust than paper sleeves or discs. Most can be cleaned by washing with water.

♦ Foam sleeves are commonly used for wet pickup. They're inexpensive and easy to clean and replace.

♦ Paper sleeves are usually held in place over a foam filter with a rubber band. They're inexpensive, but installation is awkward and the paper can tear easily.

♦ Cloth and paper discs are folded around a foam filter and held in place with a rubber band or plastic ring. These filters are inexpensive and easy to replace/ but they tend to be inefficient at trapping fine dust.

♦ Tank liners are large-area filters placed in the top of a vacuum's tank, where they're held in position by a wire "Cage." They're easy to install and clean.

♦ Disposable paper bags fit over the vacuum's inlet port, inside the vacuum tank. Once the bag is full, you simply throw it away. Bags cost from $2 to $7, depending on the manufacturer. They're great if you're dealing with fine dust that could be dispersed by dumping.

tcrs and installing a foam sleeve filter. The Hoover has a unique two-tank system chat lets you switch between drv

and wet pickup instantly just bv moving the hose from one inlet port to another. Some tanks have a drain that makes emptying very easy. Upending the tank isn't necessary; you simply unscrew a drain cock at the bottom of the tank.

Convenience—The Hoover, Porter-Cable. Sears, Shop-Vac, and Wap vacuums arc the easiest models to upend and dump. The Bosch and Jet vacuums have to be removed from their pushcarts before dumping—an easier job with the Bosch. On the Makita and Milwaukee, the cart is built in, making them more difficult to dump.

The most stable vacuums are the low-profile Dirt Devil, Eureka. Porter-Cable and Wap. Tall ones with small casters, such as the Shop-Vac 870, Delta and Ryobi. are prone to tip over when you pull on the hose.

The Bosch, Jet, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Ryobi and Wap have the most flexible hoses. This is an advantage when you're moving around in tight areas. All hoses except those on the Ryobi are resistant to crushing. Hose lengths are listed in the chart.

Attachments—The Milwaukee is the only machine that doesn't come with hoses; they cost extra. Delta's vacuum doesn't come with casters and Rvobi

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