Electronic Speed Controllers

Will an electronic speed controller—normally sold for use with routers—also work on my bench grinder, drill press or bandsaw?

Ken Logan Portland, OR

ONo. There arc two types of motors which arc commonly found in the woodshop: universal motors and induction motors.

Universal motors are small and powerful. They're found on routers, drills, sanders and other portable tools. Their chief identifying characteristic is a set of brushes. Universal motors run fast and provide a lot of horsepower in a small package.

Induction motors arc primarily found on stationary shop machinery, including tablcsaws, bandsaws and drill presses. These motors don't have brushes, and they are limited to speeds less than 3,600 rpm.

The speed of a universal motor is determined by the applied voltage and the load on the motor. Electronic speed

Plane Speaking

I enjoyed reading about Cecil Pierce and the wooden planes that he makes. But I'm a little confused about certain terms that arc used to describe plane anatomy—words such as "ramp" and "throat pocket," for example. Are there standard names for the various parts of a wooden plane, and if so, what are they?

Art Livingston Berea, KY

O Today we're in serious danger of losing the descriptive language that has been used for centuries to describe many aspects of woodworking. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the terminology used to describe wooden hand planes. This working vocabulary was once universal; now we're confusing things by creating new labels unnecessarily or by using the old terms incorrectly.

As shown in the drawing at right, many of the terms of hand plane

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