includes only one pickup tool. The Porter-Cable comes with a hose and two end fittings. With each of the remaining vacuums, you get a set of standard accessories—straight wands, nozzles and floor sweeps. Optional and replacement accessories are also available.

Special features—A few oi the vacuums deserve special mention for innovative features. The Porter-Cable and Wap have an "auto-start, delayed-stop" feature. With a portable power tool plugged into an outlet on the vacuum, the vacuum turns on when you turn on the tool. Shut the tool off and the vacuum continues to run for a few seconds to clean the hose, then it turns itself off. The Porter-Cable and Wap also feature "anti-Static" hoses that are electrically grounded to the vacuum. They disperse static charges that can build up when you vacuum dry dust.

The Wap's motor has a variable speed control for optimizing the suction on portable tools. The Porter-Cable has a "filter shaker" to clean the secondary pleated filter without removing it

(optional on the Wap) and a foot-operated parking brake.

If you don't have a leaf blower for your yard or sidewalk, you might consider the Dirt Devil and Hoover vacuums. Both have detachable motors that can be converted to blowers fairly easilv.

Our Picks

Our Editors' Choice award goes to the Wap SQI4-AS and to the Porter-Cable 7810. With its super-efficient filter, the Wap is the "cleanest" shop vacuum you can buy. It's also the quietest. The Wap scored highest in bolt pickup and did very well in collecting mixed debris when fitted with a generic

-in.-dia. hose. Factor in the convenience of the autostart, delayed-stop switch, variable speed and durable construction, and you've got a top-notch machine for around $569. On the other hand, Porter-Cable's 7810 has many of the Wap's features but costs about $250 less. Both are winners for quality and performance.

The Best Buy award goes to the Sears 17700. This unit is loud and its filter doesn't stop fine dust very well, but it has plenty of power to collect mixed debris and heavy objects. For around Si00, it's a great value. A

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