Page 42 Planes for Tongue and Groove


Colonial Tavern Table By Matthew Burak

An Early American Classic Fit for Feasts or Family Repasts 28

Screws for Woodworking By Paul Anthony Comprehensive Guide to Heads, threads, Metals and Coatings 33

Chatterwork By Steve Paulsen

Turn Vibrations to Your Advantage Jifi

Planes for Tongue and Groove By Ed Hobbs

Trace the Development of These Specialized Hand Tools 42

Tips for Hand-Planing 44

Greene and Greene Nightstand By Thomas Starbuck Stockton

Elyony Splines and Oriental Design Give This Piece Poise 46

The Brothers Greene: California Furniture Design 47

Tail Vise Retrofit By Jeff Greef

Bench Dogs and Wooden Jaws Upgrade Any Bench JU

Quality Saw-Blade Sharpening By Matt Ver Steeg

Ch<x)se the Right Shop to Keep Your Carbide Cutting Like New

Plate Stand By Jim Tile

Prop a Favorite Plate or Photo on This Easy Miniature Easel

Breadboard Ends By Peter Korn

A Traditional Technique for Keeping Wide Panels Flat 58

Buyer's Guide to Shop Vacuums

Find the Best Machine for Your Workshop Needs Ii3

American woodworker w " Issue No. 45 lune 1995

On the cover: This Colonial tavern table was built by Matthew Burak, who makes traditional furniture in Danville, VT. See page 28.


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