Raw or Boiled?

In Michael Dresdner's article on milk paint (AW #44). he reports that Michacl Dunbar applies a coat of linseed oil thinned 20 percent with mineral spirits to add a sheen and provide some protection from water drops. Is this raw linseed oil or boiled linseed oil?

Karl C. Thomas Columbia, MD

Michael Dresdner replies: Always use boiled linseed oil; raw linseed oil will take forever to dry. What makes raw linseed oil different from the "boiltd" variety (it isn't actually boiled) are the driers added to the latter. In fact, you can convert "raw" to "boiled" simply by adding Japan driers.

Access to Erzgebirge

Since we ran the story on the toys of Erzbebirge (AW #42), a number of readers have inquired about a U.S. distributor of these distinctively handcrafted items. Erzgebirge crafts are available from the House of Tyrol, Box 909, Alpenland Center, Cleveland, GA 30528, (706) 865-3371.

Use Solid-Center Balls for File Handles

Issue #44's "Tech Tips" includes a tip on using a golf ball as a handle for files. Good tip, except that certain types of golf balls (especially old ones) are made of rubber bands wound tightly around a liquid-filled center. I've always been told that this center can be hazardous if it is allowed to gush out. And usually once you start to cut the rubber bands, the ball will unravel anyway. If you choose to make a golf-ball file handle, use a solid, two-piece ball such as a Top Flite.

Jim Molpus Nashville, TN

Top Dead Center

About your tip on setting jointer knives with a magnet (MTcch Tips," AW #44): The idea of using a speaker magnet is a good one, especially since the price of commercial knife-setting jigs has climbed over the last few years. But your illustration is misleading; it shows a knife being set when not at top dead center. The easiest way to determine top dead center for each jointer knife is to be sure the edge of the knife is directly above the axis of the cutterhead shaft.

Jim Cummins Woodstock, NY


On page 52 of AW #44, the captions describing the membrane presses are switched; the press on the right is made by Mercury Vacuum Presses.

Seems we were left with a little eggnog on our pages in the last issue. The Christmas spirit evoked in the Delta ad on page 7 of AW #44 resulted from an error on our part. Our apologies to readers and to Delta for the misplaced yule-tide message.



Straight-Line Rip a Crooked Board Straighten edge* without a jointer Makes shallow taper cuts with positive control

[Al^jtROL Cutting Guide

• Hold stock up and prevent 11* jamming under np fenoe.

Doweling Made Simple With

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