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many sawmills leave freshly cut stock outside for at least a month before loading it into a dehumidification kiln.

Consider putting your gunstock blank in your garage or under your back porch for at least a few months before bringing it into your basement. Make sure the wood is at least 1 ft. off the ground and that air can circulate freely all around it. Expect a 2-in. by 6-in.-thick blank to take about two years to dry.

Apple is a beautiful wood, but it often comes from small trees. If your stock contains pith or was located near the center of the tree, it will be full of stress. Don't be disappointed if it's difficult to dry without cracks.

Jcffry Lohr J.D. Lohr Woodworking Schwenksville, PA

Finishing Honduras Rosewood

®I recently made a table of Honduras rosewood. The bright orange streaks in the wood still show after finishing. Most rosewood furniture

I've seen looks consistently dark. My first question is: Is it standard procedure to stain rosewood? Mine seems to need staining. Secondly: Even after the third coat of lacquer, I can see that the wood pores are still open. Should I have filled them before varnishing?

Richard Ruehle Findlay. OH

©Staining is purely a matter of personal taste. Generally, we stain woods that are too light or bland for the look we desire. Since rosewood has such dramatic color and figure, it is almost never stained.

Most rosewood furniture these days is made of dark Indian rosewood. Honduras rosewood is lighter and often has the striking orange streaks you speak of—making it a more vivid and, in my opinion, more interesting wood. If it were my project, I'd probably decide to leave it natural.

Concerning your second question: Wood filler is generally recommended for woods that have large, open pores. Almost all of the rosewoods qualify. Before you begin to apply a finish, use any of the wood fillers advertised in finishing supply catalogs. (For example. Bchlcn's Porc-O-Pack paste wood fillet is available from Woodworker's Supply. 800-645-9292.)

Michael Dresdnet Finishing consultant Nazareth, PA

WHERE TO FIND IT Woodworker's Guide to Compound Miters. This saw angle reference pamphlet is available from Bridge City Tool Works, 1104 NE 28th Ave., Portland, OR 97232, <800) 253-3332.

Pocket Ref. This eclectic reference guide gives tips on shop math, bit sizes, lumber grading etc. It is ¿wail-able from Woodcraft, 210 Wood County Industrial Park, Box 1686, Parkersburg, WV 2b 102, (800) 225-1153.

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