Rbi Woodplanersthe Most Versatile

and Affordable You Can Buy.

RBI Woodplaners are compact, heavy-duty precision woodworking systems. With either the "4-in-l" or "3-in-l" functions, you will produce the quality, professional results you demand. No other line of woodplaners gives you this degree of versatility at such affordable prices.

RBI Woodplaners Will Save You Time and Money!

The Planer, Sander, Molder, and Gang-Rip functions produce curved or straight molding, eliminate tedious hand sanding, gang-rip lumber and plane wood to a silky smooth finish.

What RBI Woodpi anf.rs Can Do For You.

• Turn rough lumber into finished stock

• Dimension wood to your exact specs

• Produce uniform surfaces on any stock

• Eliminate hours of tedious hand sanding

• Shape wood into moldings & frames

• Create custom cabinets & fine furniture

What Yoii Can Do With RBI Woodplaners.

• Restore or remodel — adding value to your home

• Make crafts, toys, clocks, gifts & more ■ Create hundreds of ornamental moldings from hard or soft woods with standard or customized knives Do all of these things for fun or profit

Made in USA — Shipped Factory Direct You could spend more money for a foreign-made planer, but why would you? With RBI, you buy factory-direct. No importers or middlemen, period. If woodworking is your hobby, you'll never have a more versatile tool. If it's your business, you'll never have a more profitable one.

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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