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Ever dreamed of running or joining a health-club-type hangout for woodworkers? NYW Workshops Inc. plans to open its first such franchise this year— in Dublin, CA.

Thomas Loker, the company's president and CEO, envisions "fully functional woodshops for people to build any project with their own two hands."

Franchises will sell project kits, tools, hardware and accessories. Each store will also feature a training area where instructors and woodworking professionals will give workshops on tools and techniques. But the centerpiece of each store will be the shop area, where for an annual fee of between $30 and $40, members can use high-end, industrial-quality hand and power tools to work on individual projects in a friendly atmosphere.

The stores are still in the planning stages, but anyone interested in a franchise or in membership is encouraged to call Tim Howell or Tom Loker at (510) 736-3413.

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