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Plastic kitchen cutting board

Hardwood base

Large compass will lay out 4'-dia. circles. Smalt compass can mark up to2-dia, circles

Large-Circle Compasses

Every once in a while in the shop, I need to layout a large-diameter circle or arc. Since I didn't have a large compass, I made a pair of my own out of some scraps and a few pieces of hardware, as you can see in the photo below. They easily handle most of my circle and arc layout needs. One compass will lay out circles up to 2' in diameter. The larger one can mark up to a 4'-dia. circle. The legs of the small compass are made from a couple of straight 16" lengths of '^"-square stock that's cut to length. The legs are secured at one end with a machine screw, a washer, and a wing nut.

The legs of the large compass are 3/V"-square stock that is cut 28" long. To hold the parts together for this one, I substituted the machine screw for a larger carriage bolt.

On the business end of each leg, I drilled a hole. One is for a pencil stub to fit in. On the other leg, I drilled a smaller hole and tapped in a cut-off nail. To make it more comfortable to hold the larger compass, I chamfered the ends near the nail and pencil. That's really all there is to it.

Like any compass, I use a ruler to set the radius and then tighten the wing nut. (Sometimes, I use pliers to apply a little extra force to keep the legs from slipping.)

Ted Raife Des Moines, Iowa

Trellis Jig

5 spring, I was making some trellises for . ard. After cutting all the parts to size, I .*. as ready to start assembling the pieces and : s:overed two problems. First, there was no 5;. way to keep the spacing of the parts -sistent. And second, I needed a way to ~ a <e sure the assembly stayed square as the : ;rts were fastened together.

So to accomplish these goals, I made a 3 vout and assembly table, as you can see in the drawing below. It's nothing more than a sheet of 3A" plywood with a W hardboard top that I set up on a pair of sawhorses. I cut a grid of dadoes in the table to keep the lattice parts in place. One set is cut twice as deep as the other so the pieces cross and stay aligned, as in the detail below. The size of the dadoes depends on the trellis stock you are using (V2" x 1" in my case). The dadoes are located 6" on center.

David Schmettering

Missoula, Montana

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