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Space dadoes to match trellis layout r all about buying veneer

What You Need to Know

Buying veneer is easier than you think.The secret is knowing what to expect before you order.

When it came to building the tip and turn table on page 30,1 knew that I wanted to use a veneer that would give the top a special look. So, I decided to order from a specialty veneer dealer. But what 1 didn't realize was how many questions I would be asked when I called in my order for the veneer.

Well, it didn't take long for me to understand why the dealer had so many questions for me. Each of the questions is important. Because after gathering information about my project, the veneer specialist goes through their inventory and hand-picks what I'll need. That was a service I hadn't expected.

First, it's important to have the measurements of the area to be covered with veneer ready. Then your specialist can help you find enough veneer to insure adequate coverage and a good match for your entire project.

You'll next need to give some thought to the type of veneer you want to work with. I was surprised at how many options I had to consider. Your first decision is whether to work with raw veneer or backed veneer. I chose to go with raw veneer for the table top.

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