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filler material VIEW


filler material VIEW

To keep the glass, photo, and back in place, 1 screwed metal hirnbuttons on the back side of the frame. You can then have glass cut to fit the frame or do it yourself. For some tips on working with glass, turn to the article on page 14.

To mount the frame to the wall, I attached a pair of D-rings and some wire to the frame.

Hew-To: Frame Details

Offset Grooves. Cut the grooves in the rails after routing a chamfer. The grooves in the rails are offset so that the stiles and rails will end up flush.

Centered Tongues. After cutting the grooves, the tongues can be cut on the stiles. Flip the workpiece after the first cut to center the tongue.

Rabbet the Back. Rout a rabbet in the back of the frame (in several passes) to create a place for the glass, photo, and back to sit.

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