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A Traditional Style

Door rail

NOTE; Door panels made from V2"-thick stock

It never fails to amaze me. Making just a few changes to a project can sometimes completely change the look. The "traditional" corner cabinetyou see in the drawing at right is a good example.

The differences are in the details. The first is the most noticeable. 1 replaced the glass in the doors with "raised" solid-wood panels. And i used round pulls instead of the long handles. Next! switched out the aluminum legs with "tulip-style" wood ones that 1 purchased. And then I decided that to complete the look, I needed a different top trim. 5o I put a simple cove molding in place of the beveled trim.

NOTE: Wood panel installed in rabbet of door frames

Panel stop

Rabbet creates raised panel look

Wood door panel

Wbodsmttfa I

Fa^ frame

NOTE: Cove molding Installed below tops of upper and lower cabinets

Lower cad/net top


To download a materials list and cutting diagram for this Traditional Corner Cabinet, go to:

NOTE: Legs come with hanger bolts installed

Skirt filler

W-18 threaded insert installed in base trim

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