Raw Veneer

Raw veneer requires the most time and equipment to work with but it also gives you some of the most beautiful results.

You'll have the option of choosing from crotches, burls, figures, and beautiful exotic woods. The raw mahogany crotch veneer that 1 picked for the tip and turn table is a great example.

One of the things you'll soon discover is that dealer availability of different veneers can vary from day to day. So, if you can't find what you want, check with another vendor or call back in a few days.

Because raw veneer is a single thickness (1-ply) you'll receive it in a flat package. It'll often arrive wrinkled, with splits, or even holes in it. Some orders will come to you with nicely trimmed edges and others may come to you a bit ragged. Burls and crotches are oddly shaped so they may arrive in a variety of lengths.

You can order raw veneer in various sheet sizes. But as shown in the above illustration, don't count on all of the area being usable.

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