Router Table

piece vertically

Materials, Supplies, & Cutting Diagram No. 154

Tip & Turn Table

C Bead Molding (1)

E Top Edge Molding (1)

F Birdcage Top/Bottom (2)

(2) 2" No-mortise Hinges w/Screws (4) 1#4" Long Gallery Spindles (1) Tip Top Table Catch (8) #8 X 1 !/2" Fh Woodscrews (1) 1"-dia. Dowel (12" long)

1"x9" - 60" Mahogany (4.7 Bd. Ft.)
ALSO NEEDED: One 24" x 24" sheet of%" hardwood plywood and two 24" x 24" sheets of figured veneer

A match is made by adjusting the bit to the proper height and then routing one piece face up and the second piece face down. It worked great for me.

achieving a smooth, flush surface is almost foolproof (second photo below). Anyone who has had to glue up large panels can certainly appreciate this feature.

A glue joint bit will create a strong, self-aligning joint.

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