Side Section View

Adjust rip fence so blade skims corner

Tilt blade 10°

Beveled Sides. After cutting the centered groove, cut the beveled sides. Sneak up on the fence setting so that the blade just grazes the comer.

Adjust rip fence so blade skims corner

Tilt blade 10°

SECOND: Attach side with

FIRST: Drill shank hole in bottom

THIRD: Mark pilot hole location on side

Attaching the Bottom. Start by drilling a shank hole in the bottom. Then use a brad point bit to mark the pilot hole location in the sides.

Mounting the Top. To attach the top, drill holes in the sides to hold dowels. Then use dowel centers to mark the top for matching holes.

center marks top for dowel holes

Materials, Supplies, & Cutting Diagram No. 154


Mantel Frame

A Top Rail (1) B Bottom Rail (1) C End Stiles (2) D Middle Stiles (2) D Back (3)

#/4 x 1 - 19 #/4 x 1/2 - 19 % x 1 - 7/2 % x 1 - 7/2 !/4 ply. - 5/2 x 7/2

4" x4" - 30" Riftsawn Oak (.8 Bd. Ft.)

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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