HowTo Stub Tenon and Groove

-1Door stile/rail

Door panel

Va" dado blade

Va" dado blade

One-Pass Groove. After the doors are as-

Two-Pass Grooves. Centered grooves in

Stub Tenons. I switched to a dado blade the stiles and rails can be cut by flipping the buried in an auxiliary rip fence to cut the sembled, use a dado blade to cut grooves workpiece end for end between passes. stub tenons on the door pieces. to hold the tongues on the side stiles.

Ys'-dia. washers

Fh woodscrew

He" clearance at the top and bottom. The doors are flush to the sides of the case and there's a Ms" gap between them.

THE JOINERY. Now comes some simple table saw joinery. The box at the bottom of the opposite page shows all the details.

First, you're going to cut Vi'-wide centered grooves (detail 'a'). Note that some pieces have a groove on one edge and some on both edges. Once you've completed the grooves, the next step is to switch to a dado blade and start cutting stub tenons to match the grooves (detail 'c'). The key here is to work toward a nice snug fit.

SMALL PANELS. That's it for the joinery. But before assembling the frames, you need door panels. Like the drawer fronts, I cut these from birdseye maple. And I left a little side-to-side wiggle room for expansion and contraction.

SIDE STILES. Once the basic frame and panel assemblies are glued up, you can add the side stiles. These are attached to the door stiles with a tongue and groove, as in details 'a' and 'b' on the opposite page.

The outer side stiles should fit flush with the edges of the door stiles. But the inner side stiles are recessed from the edges. This creates clearance over the center drawer pull and prevents the two doors from binding when opened.

"Jvl x.2 HOLDER butt hinge with screws



Ogee with fillet profile

INSTAU. THE DOORS. After adding the side stiles, the doors are ready to install on the case. For this, 1 used butt hinges mortised into both the case and the door side stiles. Finally, with the doors in place, I added a pull and escutcheon and a pair of cup-type magnetic catches to each. The cup and magnet are counter-bored into the top and bottom divider and the mating washer is set into the edge of the door side stiles, as shown in detail 'a' above.

CUSTOM CHISEL RACK. It didn't take me long to come up with a use for the recesses on the inside of the doors. It's the perfect spot for a rack, or racks, to hold a set of chisels. The racks I came up with are designed to hold my set of tapered socket chisels. The general process I used to make them is ^^^^^ shown in the box below. For other storage options, refer to page 41.

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