Piston Stop Block

I made a fence for my drill press, and it worked great But to improve the fence even more, I made a stop block with a "piston" that tightens against the fence.

My block is made out of two pieces of wood, one of which is cut away to create an "L" shape, see drawing.

The "piston" is a short piece of 3/4M-dia. dowel that fits into a counterbore drilled in the stop block.

To tighten and loosen the piston, I installed a threaded insert into the block. Tli en I added a small knob with a 5/i6"-dia. threaded stud.

Stu Klausner Ithaca, New York

Block (cut notch to fit over fence)

Vi6"-20 threaded knob

Vi6"-20 threaded knob

Stop Block Deep Drawing
NOTE: Drill 5/16"-dia. hole 3/k" deep on end of piston

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