1. Lay out main dimensions of box on stick.

2. Reference story stick to vertical reference line to mark locations of major vertical lines of toolbox.

3. Reference story stick to horizontal reference line to mark locations of major horizontal lines of toolbox.

panel's bottom edge. Then, close to one side of the panel, draw a vertical reference line perpendicular to the base line. If the panel's side edge is perfectly square to its bottom edge, you need only measure over an even amount at the top and bottom of the panel to make this line. Otherwise, use a framing square or the classic 3,4, 5 measurement trick shown in the drawing. Now, referring to your rough sketch, draw in the outline of the box by measuring over in equal amounts from the reference lines. Draw in the bottom, side and top panels. You can use a straight-edged story stick to ensure accuracy and to speed up the process, as shown in the drawing above right. Continue by drawing in partitions, drawer bins, and any other fixed interior components.

Extend lines up from the face to create the top view, and then to the side to create the side view (see the drawing at left on p. 74). Fill in the details of the drawing on each of the views, drawing in the cut lines of any joints, the outline of any floating panels, and views of drawer boxes, tool attachment cleats, or buttons.


Creating Top and Side Views

1. Extend lines up from outside outline of face view to establish width of top view. (Establish depth by measurement.)

2. Extend lines over from top view until they intersect 45° line, then drop vertical lines from intersection points to establish depth of side view.

3. Extend lines over from face view to establish vertical locations and dimensions of side view.

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