Canvas Tool Tote

Inger Olsen, an awning-and sail-maker in Port Townsend, Washington, has made her share of rigging buckets over the years. So when her husband, Sean, needed a tote to carry his tools down to their sailboat in the marina, she naturally thought of making the tote from canvas. Because the tote would not be used much for working aloft and because she wanted to provide plenty of room for a wide assortment of tools, Olsen decided to give the tote more of a box shape than a cylindrical one. (A box shape tends to catch on things when hauled up into the rigging.)

To determine the exact si/.e and shape of the bag, Olsen laid out all of the tools she knew her husband wanted to carry, arranging them to take up a minimum amount of space. She ended up with a box shape 9 in. wide by 12 in. long by 10 in. high. By using a double layer of 14-oz. canvas to create the bag, she was able to form outside pockets on the ends and sides to help organi/.e the tools. Olsen added bungee cords to hold the tools upright, and a strap handle fitted with a leather sleeve at the carry point. To stiffen the bottom of the bag and to make it more resistant to water, she sewed on a third layer of synthetic water-repellent fabric. The sidebar at right gives step-by-step instructions on making a canvas tote; the tote Olsen made is shown in the photo on p. 132.

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