Hybrid Open Lidded Tote

When finish carpenter and architect Tetsuo Shibata, of Temple City, California, went out to buy a site box for his hand tools, he couldn't find what he was looking for. Of course, he was asking for a lot: The box had to keep Shibata's tools secure and protected from the elements, yet allow immediate access to the contents as needed. Moreover, Shibata wanted the box to break down into small independent modules so that he wouldn't always have to carry the whole kit. The box he eventually designed and built turned out to be an open shoulder tote with a nesting tote that doubles as a lid.

Shibata built his box from scraps of in. oak plywood, applying veneer tape to the edges to cover the laminations. He built the nesting tote from '/2-in. birch plywood to reduce the overall weight of the box. Because the runners of the nesting tote are captured in a stepped dado, the tote automatically locks itself into the open box—it can't slide out even if the unit is tipped over on its side. The interior of the main box can be accessed by either lifting and sliding the nesting tote to one side or by removing it entirely, as shown in the photos on the facing page. The nesting tote can be accessed without removing it from its parent box.

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