Tall Tote for a Boat

Rather than designing around a long, horizontal box enclosure, as remodelers Freund and Warren did, yacht carpenter Bill Slaby, of Hazel Park, Michigan, took an entirely different tack with the open shoulder tote he built for carrying hand tools to the boatyard. Slaby configured the storage systems of his tote as tall, exposed, vertical surfaces. Though it can't carry as much as a typical open shoulder tote of the same volume, the box offers vertical storage that is easy to

Vertical Carpentry Tote

Yacht carpenter Bill Slaby designed his tool tote along a vertical plane. This strategy produced a box whose contents are in clear view and readily accessible. However, the box has somewhat less carrying capacity than a typical long, rectangular, open shoulder tote of the same volume. Photo by Eric Smith.

hack of the drawer box to prevent the drawer from accidentally being pulled all the way out of the tote.

The hollow central vertical wall of the tote houses a couple of saws, a 24-in. level and a long Yankee screwdriver. The saws are stored upside-down to protect the cutting teeth; like the level, they rest at a downward angle, which keeps them securely in place.

Tool Chest Tall


Plan Tool Tote With Drawer

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