Touch of Tansu

Furniture maker William Tandy Young, of Stow, Massachusetts, often finds himself away from his workbench and hand-tool storage when he builds large projects such as entry doors. Since these usually linger by the stationary machines grouped at one end of the shop, he was forever traipsing back and forth for tools. Finally tiring of this, he decided to design his new tool chest to roll.

Like Chris Wanlass, Young realized that a bank of drawers on wheels would not offer enough storage—there would have to be room in the box for larger tools such as jointer planes, framing squares and 24-in. layout rules. As seen in the bottom photo at left, Young provided storage for these in a full-height compartment on the back of the case. To keep dust out of this area and out of the drawers, he fit the cabinet with two sets of doors mounted on knife hinges. After rolling the box to the work area, he folds the doors back against the cabinet sides.

To organize the smaller hand tools and to make them easy to get at, Young decided that the drawers should each contain a specific grouping of tools. For example, one drawer is filled entirely with chisels, held in place by a notched divider (see the top photo at left). As a result, the drawers are all relatively small and lightweight—a good thing since they run on all-wood guides. At first finding hardware for the drawers was a problem. For appearance's sake, Young wanted pulls that would graduate in size from the small top drawer to the large bottom drawer. l ie also wanted them to protrude as little as possible, so the doors could close over them. Luckily he stumbled upon tansu-style pulls (tansu is the traditional storage cabinetry of Japan). Made in a variety of sizes, the pulls solved the design problem while adding a delicate Oriental flavor to the cart.


Having used the cart in his workshop for several years, Young has been quite happy with its performance, though he w ould like to add a pair of grab handles and to replace the wood drawer guides with full-extension metal slides. Not surprisingly, the cart has also served him well as a silent salesman. No wonder: It is meticulously built of solid cherry and bird's-eye maple in a pleasing design. More than a few furniture commissions have been clinched after potential clients have seen the toolbox in use in his shop. And best of all, the box doesn't ask for a cent of commission.

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