Building a Lidded Tool Roll

When boat builder and rigger Kit Africa, of Port Townsend, Washington, decided to create a lidded tote for his rigging and ship's carpentry tools, he set specific goals: The box had to be strong, durable and commodious, and hold his tools readily accessible. Yet, to be accommodated aboard ship, it also had to fit into the smallest possible space.

While mulling over—and rejecting— many typical lidded-tote designs, Africa realized that certain features of the canvas tool roll, which is most commonly used for carrying sets of chisels or auger bits (see pp. 138-139), might well meet his demanding criteria. When rolled up, the enclosed tools would form a cylinder, one of the most efficient shapes to stow on a crowded boat. When unrolled, the tools would become instantly accessible. The only

The lift-up lid on Tom Law's tool tote stores a selection of saws. Photo by Tim Snyder.

Optional drawers push open to either side.

Tools hang on either side of vertical partition.

Chisels mount to lid.

Drawers at base of tote can be made to full width of tote—they then open to one side or push open to either side.

Building Woodworkers Tool Chest

Finger hole or recessed ring

Vertical center partition extends to floor of case if drawers are built on either side.

Finger hole or recessed ring

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