Building a Wall Hung Tool Cabinet

When I sat down to design a wall-hung tool cabinet, my intent was to create a box that would contain an ample selection of hand tools for both layout and joinery-enough to allow me to do most of my typical work without having to look elsewhere for a tool. I planned to locate these tools as close as possible to my work area at the vise end of my workbench, where they would be accessible, yet out of my way. As it turned out, this cabinet was an ideal solution. Because the tool-laden door swings out to the left over the open end of the bench, I can get at the tools stored there almost without taking a step-I just stretch out my left hand. This is especially convenient because I naturally want most layout tools in my left hand. I use my right hand to remove the drawer bins and to grab the hand planes stored on the right side of the cabinet.

Because I'm one of those restless people who like to try out new shop

Wall Hung Tool Cabinets

Tolpin's wall-hung tool cabinet houses tools for layout and joinery. In its location close to the vise end of the workbench, the cabinet blocks no floor space yet is only a step away from where the tools are used. Photo by Craig Wester.

Because this cabinet hangs on angled cleats, it can easily be taken down and moved to another area of the shop. Photo by Craig Wester.

arrangements (not to mention new shop buildings) every few years.! design most of my cabinetry and other shop fixtures to be relatively easy to move. This wall-hung cabinet is no exception. I designed and built this cabinet to hang on a pair of full-length wooden cleats whose edges I'd cut to a 45° angle (see the photo at left). When I want to try out a different cabinet location in the shop, I screw a cleat to the studs at the new location, lift the box off the wall (I don't even have to empty it if I have a willing helper) and set it in its new home. I leave the old cleat in place in case I decide to move the cabinet back. For security, I can attach the cabinet permanently to the wall by driving screws from inside the cabinet into the wall-mounted cleat.

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