Canvas Tool Rolls

To contain smaller tools such as chisels, j files and drill hits, Inger Olsen also made some canvas tool rolls. A tool rool protects the tools in transport while offering easy access, especially if you hang the roll up on a wall. And compared to the rigger's bags, tool rolls are also quite easy to make.

Olsen starts her tool rolls by sizing a Mylar or paper pattern to the particular I tools, then cutting the fabric to size. To I keep the roll from getting too bulky when rolled up, she generally restricts the opened length to under 2 ft. She adds stiffness and strength to the top of I the roll, which bears the burden of hanging, by cutting and sewing a second j layer to the triangular tongue.

With this done, Olsen then hems the raw edges of the fabric. To make the roll look nice and to increase durability, she sometimes adds a leather edging. She also often adds a leather reinforcement to what will become the outside edges of the roll, centering a 3-in. wide leather strip over the fold line and sewing it in

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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