Construction Procedures

Once you have a full-scale rendering of the chest you intend to make, you can then develop your cut list and get right down to work. Start by cutting the carcase, getting out the following parts to their specified thickness, width, and length: the bottom board, the two end panels, the interior partition panels, and the front and rear rails.

Milling the components

Starting with the bottom board, dado one groove to receive the tongue of the drop panel and another to receive the back panel. Then cut holes for the assembly dowels using a doweling jig. You can also choose to use biscuit joinery

Cut the stopped sliding-dovetail groove on a table-mounted router equipped with a dovetail bit. The same router-table setup, with a straight bit. is used for making grooves for drawer guides and dadoes for partitions. Photo by Craig Wester.

to assemble the case components (see pp. 84-86).

Moving on to the side panels, cut grooves to receive the sliding dovetails on the end of front and rear rails. The photo at top right shows what this setup looks like on a table-mounted router. Next drill holes for the assembly dowels after marking their locations from the centerlines of the dowel holes on the bottom board. Returning to the table-

Rout sliding dovetails on the ends of the rails, using a vertical carriage to move the workpiece past the router bit. Photo by Craig Wester.

mounted router—this time fitted with a straight bit-cut the blind grooves to receive the drawer guides and the horizontal partitions. To ensure precise alignment, cut the grooves for each drawer level before moving the fence setup and setting stops to limit the length of the grooves. You can also use this setup for cutting the guide grooves in the vertical dividers of the interior partition assembly.

David Winter's Tool Chest

Top of secondary frame ___

Base (bottom)

Slot for front panel

End plate

Guide groove to receive Y drawer guide

Drawer guides

Vertical divider

Bottom of secondary frame. yU in. thick

Outside dimensions of chest (excluding lid): 263A in. long by 16'/» high by 10% wide

16 Vein.

Front panel storage

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