Cross Section Of Door

Groove for drawer runner

Ve-in. banding

All case components except back are s/e-in. thick hard maple.

Beveled edges

Vnn. plywood panel

Face-slotting the side board with a biscuit joiner. The bottom board is clamped over the side board, as the scrap piece at right helps support the machine. Photo by Craig Wester.

strength because of their extensive gluing surface.

I created drawer slides by making runners for the case from mahogany and cutting a matching stopped dado in the side of the drawer boxes. The bottom panel of the drawers extends past the sides to serve as an adjustable drawer stop. This simple system provides positive sliding action with little wobble or binding. The pull-out shelf (made from '/2-in. maple plywood with a facing of solid maple) fits into its own compartment beneath the drawers.

To keep the toolbox from getting grimy under my work-soiled hands, I finished it inside and out with several coats of clear shellac-one of my favorite finishes. Shellac is low in toxicity, extremely easy to apply, self-leveling and quick-drying. It also buffs easily to a high sheen. However, shellac will not stand up well to many solvents or to standing water, but neither is much of a problem with a wall-hung tool cabinet.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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