of in-shop tool storage, 69-70 of lidded toolboxes, 158-160 process of, 70-75 of site boxes, 128-131 of station boxes, 68-69 of wall cabinets, 78-83 Diemoz, Frances, tool chest by, 61 Doiron, Michael, tool bucket by, 156

Dominy shop, tool storage at, 64 Doors:

'boxed*, 84,88 disappearing. 81 elbow catch for, 107 finger recess on, 107 Drawer slides, full-extension, of wood, 48-49 Drawers:

bottom panel as runner for, 113 dovetailed, 106 finger pulls for, 106, 121 full-extension, 110-111 lock-rabbet, 120 pulls for, of buffalo nickels, 169

pulls for, tansu style, 112-113 Drawings, and design process, 71-75

Dust shields, and tool-chest design, 14

Edgings, for lids, 15 Englander, Eric, tool chest by, 55

Faeth, Reinhold, stacking modular tool chest by, 98-99 Fischer, J., tool chest by, 54 Floors, reinforced, 27-28 Frederick, Lir.dcn, tool barrow by, 128

French fitting, technique for, 33 Freund, Stephen, open-shoulder toolbox by, 144-146

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