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To make the box suitably strong vet relatively easy and quick to build, the case and door components are joined with biscuits. The door is made from '/2-in. maple plywood; edgebanding of 5/s-in. thick solid maple enhances the appearance and protects the plywood edges from deteriorating (and possibly eventually splintering) in use. To strengthen the door so it would carry the weight of my tools without distorting, I "boxed" the door by making this banding 23A in. wide. The case and interior partitions are built from Vs-in. hard maple boards and the drawers from 5/ie-in. Honduras mahogany. The drawer and sliding shelf pulls are carved from ebony.

Since the faces of the drawers are visible even with the door closed, and because extractable drawers should have strong joints, I opted for finger joints. While a number of other joints might serve as well, I particularly enjoy the visual interest that finger joints lend to the face of a drawer box, and there is no question that they have tremendous

Drawer runner


Ve-in. bottom panel

Vertically elongated slots allow runners to be adjusted up and down.

Vin. by 23/4-in. door banding


Drawer runner

VWn. plywood door panel

Vie-in. thick

Honduras mahogany

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