Designing Site Boxes

W, - spend a lot of time designing and building a box to carry tools to the job site? After all, you can always throw them in a motley—and dirt-cheap—assortment of 5-gal. plastic buckets and cardboard boxes to get them where they need to go. I know, because that's how I lugged my tools from job to job when I first started doing residential finish work. But I also know how tired I got of losing track of my tools and of damaging them in transit, and I remember how it feels to pour rusty water out of the bottom of a tool bucket left out in the rain, or to pick up a sodden cardboard box and have all my tools spill onto my feet.

My shabby collection of tool carriers did little to enhance my reputation as a fine craftsman. I'll never forget the first time I walked onto a job site teeming with hot-shot finish carpenters. To a man (and one woman), they proudly carried their tools in finely crafted totes

Jim Tolpin built this small tote 25 years ago from scraps of pine found on the job site. All the cuts were made at the site with a circular saw. Photo by Craig Wester.

Jim Tolpin Tool Cabinet

Boatbuilder and physician Bertram Levy, of Port Townsend, Wash., built this diminutive open shoulder tote to carry a task-specific selection of hand tools to his boat. The curved handle, which is wrapped in leather, helps to center the grip on the box and allows easy access to the tools Photo by Craig Wester.

that they had designed and made themselves. I went home that evening with my tail between my legs, determined to come up with a decent way to carry my tools onto the job site.

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