A s toolboxes leave the bonds of earth in company with the space-tradespeople who will work out of them, perhaps a new golden age of tool chests will dawn. For once again there may arise a group of workers who will find themselves totally dependent on a precious collection of hand tools. Indeed, a misplaced tool might all too easily be lost to the void of space, not only risking the success of a mission but possibly endangering a space worker's life.

This may be reaching a bit, but perhaps the tradespeople of our extraterrestrial future will once again come to cherish their tools enough to find the motivation to build magnificent—as well as technically advanced—toolboxes in which to house and protect them. If they build them with exceptional workmanship and a joyful expression of beauty, a new golden age of the toolbox may yet find its place among the stars. After all, a toolbox can contain much more than just a collection of tools. It can carry into the future the honor of those people who, throughout history, have won their daily bread through the good works of their hands.

This highly sophisticated aluminum tool box carried into space the tools used to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Lacking the help of gravity, each tool was held to the box in at least two places, or captured by a single powerful snap catch. The box itself was secured shut by a four-point latching system, engineered to withstand the high G-forces of an orbital launch. The three full-length handles (two hidden behind the doors) were installed not so much to help the astronauts carry the box (which weighs nothing in space) but to provide grips for pulling themselves over to where the tools are.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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