Right side

Pyramid symbols indicate position of components.

Scrap support

Step 2: Stand machine on end and slot side at centerlines.

Step 3: Clamp floor to right side and repeat.

same time cutting in a beveled groove. Install the blocking for the drawer-slide hardware. Note that the blocks should be of a thickness to match the inside overhang of the face frame.

Making the table top and extension wings

Lay out and cut the stock for the table and the pair of extension wings (leave the stock long enough to accommodate both the table 3nd the two extensions). Edge-glue the boards together to achieve the desired width-be sure to keep the lamination as flat as possible. When the assembly is dry, surface the boards through a planer or wide belt sander, then cut the table and wings to their final finished width and length. I "breadboard" the ends of the wings with a tapered-edge batten. This helps to keep their surface flat and to ease the stock feeding off the table saw up onto the table. To attach the batten, rout a groove along the edge of both the table and the batten stock, then glue in a spline. To allow the boards to move in relation to the batten, glue only the middle third of the spline. Apply finish to both sides of the table and extension wings.

Making the drawers

For this cart, the drawer boxes are joined with a lock-rabbet joint (see the drawing above right). I find this joint to be good looking, fast to execute on my table-mounted router, and quite strong. For the fastest construction, cut all the drawer stock to finished width and length, then run all the sides by the bit. Then run all the ends. (Be sure the end cuts are perfectly square or you will end up with a warped box.) It's a good idea to test-cut the joint in scraps before committing the stock to the bit.

Clamp up the drawer; shown here are Bessey system case clamps Photo by Craig Wester.

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