Frances Diemoz Design

Joe Barbeau used a drop lid to add a touch of beauty and craft to his project, shown above and at right. The triptych of Americana was painted using artist's acrylics for the panels and a modern oil stain to color the rest of the chest.

Frances Diemoz

On Jane Swanson's tool chest (above), the drop lid is embellished with an inlaid floral design.

Wood Tool Chest Drop Lid

-obday was one of the few students i decided to use the top of the chest as a [1c-5 design solution that maximizes the it of usable space within the limited iters of the project. On his tool chest. I rua:d. lockable drop lid covers the drawer fo< security.

The tool chest of Judith Hanson is pleasing in its thoughtful simplicity of form. A bank of drawers is concealed behind a pair of side-opening doors.

Several students arrived at unique and pleasing solutions for putting handles on the drawer boxes. The chests shown on this page are by Beth Ann Harrington (left). Peter Bartell (below left) and Sean O'Rourke (below). On the facing page are chests by Frances Diemoz (top left). Sam Robinson (top right) and Mario Rubio Ospina (bottom).

Traditionalstyle Door Hardware

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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