Double-stitch at pocket dividers.

5Ae-in. dowel, inserted into bottom of pocket

Step 4: Turn piece over and sew ends of folds and double-stitch pocket dividers.

Step 5: Add grommet and tie string.

Step 6: Add dowel to bottom of pockets.

place at the ends. These reinforcement strips help to strengthen the fold line and prevent tools such as screwdrivers and files from wearing through the bottom of their compartment pockets. If the tool roll is to contain chisels, short lengths of 5/i6-in. dowel are added to the bottom of the pockets for the blades to bear against. These dowels prevent the sharp edges from cutting through the canvas and into the leather reinforcement strip.

\Text Olsen folds over the sides of the roll and stitches down the ends. She double-stitches dividers to form pockets after checking the spacing with the tools. Finally, she presses in a metal grommet near the top of the triangle and attaches the tie-down string.

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