drawer side


Vote: A is distance between end of slot and end of slider. B is distance between opposite end of slot and centerline of slider. A must equal B for slider to extend out of box to midpoint, and for drawer to extend fully out of case.

inside of the box (stopping before penetrating the outside).

To install the latch, Robertson epoxied a ball-point pen spring to an attachment pin on the latch, put a gob of epoxy on the free end of the spring, and then slid the latch and spring into the wedge-shaped mortise. Aligning the hole on the latch with the pivot pin hole, she slipped in the dowel to hold the piece in place. After the epoxy dried she installed the lock pin and worked the catch, carefully reshaping the end until it engaged the pin smoothly and positively.

Because the drawers of a traditional mechanic's chest are so shallow, you often find that you have to remove them entirely from the chest to get at some of their contents. Robertson felt that the repeated removal of the drawers would lead to excessive wear on the box over time and, worse, could cause their valuable contents to spill. As a solution to this problem, she came up with an all-wood, full-extension drawer slide (see the sidebar at left). As long as the box is kept in an environment where the humidity and temperature arc relatively stable (to minimize swelling of the wood slide components), these slides work extraordinarily well. The drawers slide smoothly in and out of the chest and give you access to the full depth of the drawer box.

In essence, the system is made up of two sliding dovetailed guides—one between the guide rail attached to the case and the intermediate slider, and one between this slider and the side of the drawer box. In the intermediate slider, the slots stop against pins set into the drawer and the case side. To make sure that the system would work well for a long time, Robertson used a stable hardwood (cherry) for all components, including the drawer sides. Feeling that any finish might cause stickiness, she applied wax only to the moving parts.

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