Kimack, Tim, tool chest by, 22, 24,25

Konovaloff, Tony, tool chest by, 28-35


"crcdit card", 174 brass cam, 100 dovetail key as, 100 drawer-stop, 185 elbow catch as, 107 gang, 173-174 for lids. 47

lift-up locking pull, 155 sliding bolts as, 18,21 spring-loaded, 45 Law, Tom, toolbox by, 161 Law, Wayne, tackle-box tool tote by, 139-143


story stick for, 73, 122 tool mockups for, 75 See also Design. Leigh, Henry A., tool chest by, 36 Lew, Bertram, tool tote by, 126 Lids:

construction of, 15 double, 160,161 double-thickness, 42 dovetailed, 34-35 edgings for, 15 latch for, 47 rule joint for, 14 as saw storage area, 17,27, 30 single drop-down, 159 single lift-up, 15-160 I-ocks. See Latches. Luddites, mentioned, 21

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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