Kevin Skurpskis Rolling Tool

Aluminum angle


Dimensions of box: 48 V4 in. long by 22 in. high by 20'A in. wide

Rear handles

Bicycle tire

Electrical box and cord

To get at small supplies without having to rummage through the box—or to even have to open the lid—Skurpski decided to add drawers that would open to the exterior of the box. These drawers open to either side, locking closed for transport with a sliding plate made from a strip of '/-i-in. plywood. (There is one on each side of the box). The strip forming the drawer stop is attached to the side of the box with screws running through a pair of slotted holes. Because the slots angle downward, gravity draws the strip into the stop position. Skurpski didn't bother, however, to add a lock to the lid, figuring that anyone wanting in would just rip off the top of the box anyway. Instead, a pair of trunk-style catches holds the lid down.

Skurpski thought long and hard about the kind of wheels that would work best for this box. He knew he didn't want to be stopped by the thick extension cords that snake across most construction sites, or by the ubiquitous 2x4 cutoffs. He settled on a pair of 20-in. bicycle wheels, sacrificing a little shock absorbency by going with solid rubber instead of air-filled. But at least he wouldn't have to deal with flats.

Locating the axle for the large wheels was a design problem. Running it under the box would raise the box considerably, making it difficult to fit under the storage platforms built into Skurpski's van. Running the axle through the box would impinge on the interior space and layout of the tools, especially since Skurpski wanted to locate the heaviest ones directly over the center of the wheels. I le eventually solved the problem by making a fork for each wheel and mounting it on its own short axle to the outside of the box. (The covering over the bottom half of the fork is a pi of radiator tubing installed to protect walls and door jambs from the protruding axle nut.) To allow the box to be moved when sitting flat and level, Skurpski installed a pair of 5-in. full-swivel casters to the end opposite the bike wheels. He made the large push handle and the lower lift handle from '/2-in. clectrical conduit.

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