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Block planes on end


with a dry-fit test of all the components, Freund then glued and clamped the assembly together.

With the box assembled, Freund continued to build and fit the drawers, tool racks, and ledges. Finally, he slid the handle through the mortises, locking it in place with wedges.

A Tote without a Handle

Uncomfortable with pole-handled totes and wanting to eliminate weight and impediments to accessibility, remodeler Doug Warren designed his tool tote to be carried in both hands (left). The notched holes for some of the chisels (far left) allow large-bladed tools to be inserted without opening up the compartment to sawdust and debris. Photos by Craig Wester.

Over the last ten years or so, remodeling carpenter Doug Warren, of Port Townsend, Washington, has built a considerable number of open shoulder totes—and found every one of them lacking. Even after experimenting a bit with their sizes and shapes, he found them all uncomfortable to carry when fully loaded. Finally, Warren realized that he just didn't like to carry anything heavier than about 30 lb. with one arm, no matter how it was shaped or balanced. Warren consequently decided that the next box he would build—the one shown in the photos above—would eliminate the typical carry pole running the length of the box, allowing him to carry the box in two hands, like a tray.

Warren soon discovered other benefits of this design. For one, the new tote would weigh less than its predecessors even without a reduction in volume, because eliminating the pole meant the ends of the box didn't have to extend upwards. Also, access to many tools and especially to the sliding trays—a favorite feature of his boxes—was greatly improved. In this box there would be no risk of lifting up a tray only to have it catch on the pole and spill its contents.

Warren added a strip of wood to either end of the box for a hand grab; he was pleased to discover that these strips did double duty as bumpers when the box was being pushed into the bed of his truck. To lift the box, Warren bends his legs, wraps his fingers around the strips at either end and stands up, letting the box bear against his stomach.

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