I decided on the overall size of my box by laying out the tools I wanted it to contain and gauging the amount of space they would need. Then I made up a drawing— in this case the box is so simple I needed only to draw a rough sketch and a full-size end view. This view gave me the pattern for the end pieces of the box and the profile of the lift-out lid. I chose to make my box from cherry; a larger box should probably use a less heavy wood. The fixed side segments, the fold-out lid segments and the lift-out lid are all 3/s in. thick; the hexagonal end pieces are 5/s in. thick. It you know how long you want one side of your box to be, you can lay out the rest of the hexagon using only a ruler and a compass, as shown in the drawing on p. 164.

A hexagonal tool-roll tote designed by Kit Africa and built by Jim Tolpin to carry carving tools, mallets and sharpening stones. When the tote is "unrolled* by unstrapping the box's lid. the tools are easy to see and grasp. Note the lift-out lid. which holds the items set in the well tightly in place. Photo by Craig Wester.

Finger hole

Lift-out lid

Leather closure strap

Lid hold-down strips

Leather strap

Coopered Lid Tool Box

Hexagonal end piece

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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