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A rolling cart is another good way to provide easy bench-side access to your tools. You can design a cart to contain a great number and variety of tools, but you don't have to worry about overloading it with the heavy ones. Best of all, a rolling cart can follow you anywhere you go in the shop, offering up the necessary tools when and where you want them.

It is tempting and fun to design the cart to carry ever)' tool you think you might need for any purpose throughout the shop. But if you are an obsessive tool collector like most woodworkers I know, your cart would have to be huge. Unfortunately, in a small woodworking shop, an all-inclusive monster cart would be unwieldy and constantly in the way. In general, then, I suggest designing the cart to serve only certain shop operations. (As you'll see in Chapter 7, I designed my cart to contain the tools I would use primarily for assembling cabinets and furniture.) That way you can plan the design around a limited number of tools, making access to them as efficient as possible and limiting the cart's overall weight and dimensions. With this approach, you are using the rolling cart to augment the primary tool-storage systems in your shop.

Craftsman George Snyder, of West Creek, N. J., built this rolling cart to carry his tools to work areas throughout his shop. Constructed largely of quartersawn red oak, it has solved the problem of scattered and misplaced tools. Photo by New Image Photography.


carpentry and installations

Radial-arm saw


Cabinet for sawblades. wrenches, push sticks and other table-saw accessories saw


Cabinet for shaper bits, wrenches and arbors

Drawers for sharpening accessories

Cabinetmaker Charles Piatt built this storage station around his 10-in. table saw, entirely replacing its metal stand. Making the most out of floor space that is typically wasted, he was able to create separate areas to store table-saw related tools, sawblades. power hand tools and a removable dust bin. Photo by Dick Fellows Photography.

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