Section View From Front

Buttons attach top panel to lid's back frame.

All chest parts are 3/i in. thick except where noted. Drawer sides are Vfe in. thick, and drawer bottoms are 3/s in. thick. Size drawers to suit your needs.

Saw compartment, 20% in. by 38 Vb in. by 17/& in.

Front of lid frame. 37/e in. by 39% in. Full-mortise lock

Top drawer hinges up for access to drawer beneath.

Upper guide rails, V2 in. by V2 in. by 31^4 in. Spacer. in. by 1 in. by 31 ^4 in. Lower guide rails, ^4 in. by in. by 31 ^4 in.

Hinged. French-fitted tray

Upper guide rails

Frame and panel inner door, 17^16 in. by 38Vie in.

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