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Sliding shelf sliding shelf on board the Kensington, not an impossibility considering the time a carpenter might have on his hands on such an extended journey. The hand-forged handles might have been made in the ship's on-board forge.

With the careful execution of this basic interior layout, it was possible for cabinetmakers to reach many tools within the box without having to remove another tool or storage unit. Often, however, it might take two hand movements—one to slide a drawer out of a till and a second to extract the tool. To get at a tool in the bottommost well, you would slide over the entire till and then reach down into the exposed well. i(, however, the box featured a bank of sliding trays (rather than a single till of drawers), you would have to slide over each individual tray to get to the underlying well compartment.

Because ease of movement of the tills is crucial to the efficient use of the chest, the ledges were kept well waxed with a candle stub. On the Duncan Phyfe tool chest, a '/Win. thick steel strip tacked to the top of the ledge prevents wear and adds slickness. A chest that I saw in the private collection of Donald Wing, of Marion, Massachusetts, has strips of whale baleen on the ledges, probably for the same reasons. There have even been reports of chests with miniature casters fitted to the bottoms of the sliding tills. Some obviously slid so well that the builder felt the need to add sliding bolts to prevent them from moving during shipping (see the photo on p. 21). Most cabinetmakers did not resort to this strategy. Instead, they would temporarily fill the open well with loose items like work aprons and tools wrapped in cloth.

It was astonishing how many tools these cabinetmaker's chests could hold. Some had inventories of nearly 400 tools—there are over 61 planes alone in the Duncan Phyfe chest. And most of

Ease of Access: Trays vs. Till

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