Starting Position For Drawer Sides

Dado cut

Index block

Hold side even to side of dado cut in adjustable back fence.

With the door propped up on support blocks, the piano hinge is installed. Photo by Craig Wester.

Using a table-mounted router fitted with a 3/i-in. straight bit, cut the groove ror the drawer runners along the sides of each drawer (see the bottom drawing on p. 89). Be sure to test the depth and the location of the cut on a scrap piece of stock first. Notice that the stop block prevents the groove from running through the face of the drawer. Also, because the groove is centered on the drawer side, you can flip the drawer to groove the other side of the box without changing any settings.

Finishing up

Slide the drawers into their runners in the case and check to see how smoothly they operate. You can trim the edge of the runners with a small scraper blade to fine-tune the motion of the drawer. To align the drawer box to the case, slide the runners up or down along their slotted screw holes. If the drawers protrude from the case, the back of the bottom panel is hitting the back of the case too soon—trim it back slightly with a plane. Rub candle wax into the groove on the drawer side to ensure a smooth sliding action. Next, install and then trim the edges of the slide-out shelf for ease of operation and fit. Finally, apply the finish of your choice to all the exposed wood surfaces.

To complete the tool chest, cut out the pieces for the hanging cleat and spacer and screw them to the back of the case. Then, with the case lying on its back on the bench, set the door next to it on some support blocks. Holding the door temporarily in place with clamps, proceed to screw on the piano hinge (see the photo above). With the box still lying on the bench, install the locking catch and add the interior partitions, ledges and holding fixtures. Finally, pick up the box and carry it to where you've installed the receiving cleat on your shop wall. With the cabinet now hanging in place, it's time for the most enjoyable part of the job: installing your cherished tools in their new home.

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