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At the heart of Hillenburg's rolling toolbox is the assortment of multipurpose totes stored on the sides of the van. Hillenburg designed each of these totes with four criteria in mind: First, each tote would have to organize and contain a certain logical grouping of tools or supplies. Second, the totes had to be easy to carry. Third, whenever possible, the totes needed to be multifunctional, serving as a tool stand, stepstool or a rolling seat when not being used as a toolbox. And finally, every tote would have to be sized and shaped to fit snugly into a specific compartment or shelf unit along the van's walls—when all the totes were set in their niches, they would hold each other tightly in place while consuming a minimum of room.


The combination sanding tote/stepstool carries three power sanders: a '/•»- sheet palm sander, a half-sheet sander, and a 3-in. by 21-in. belt sander. Built in

Pneumatic nails -—

Jack hitch equipment

A spring-catch mechanism (above) holds the level in place against the roof of the van.

Hammer drill

Sockets and wrenches


Reciprocating saw

Log chain

The sanding tote (left) holds three sanders and does double duty as a stepstool.

essentially the same way as the rolling miter-box stand, this tote also has pigeonholes to hold sandpaper. Blocks attached to the shelf edge with self-closing cabinet hinges and inscribed with the sandpaper's grit number hold precut sheets or sanding belts in place. To make sure that the tote would support a carpenter fully loaded with tools, Hillenburg doubled the angle braces supporting the top, just as he did on the miter-box stand. A hand hole provides a carry point. Finally, notice the leather strips wrapped over the tote's feet—they help keep the tote from slipping on or damaging finished floors.

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