The Partition Wall

Separating the driver's compartment from the cargo area is a set of modular shelving units filled from top to bottom with solid-oak finger-jointed storage bins. On the oak lipping that prevents the bins from sliding out, brass labels identify the contents of each bin. Though securely anchored to the f ramework of the van's

Cargo Van Partition WallOak Whitewash Bookshelf Wall Cubicle

the modules can be I from the van for ease of initial i and to allow eventual >n or repair work. Handled ! with commonly used i and assembly screws are lor. the lowest shelf; these arc ; taken onto the site with the rest . at the beginning of the . The center drawers open to ie holds CDs while the ; as a catch-all junk drawer, modules, a pipe clamp is I on a pair of blocks, and the Fa floor broom is inserted modules' bottom support.

rThe Driver's Compartment

Hillenburg got into designing and these storage systems, he saw-reason to stop with the cargo area of he continued on into the 's compartment. Using the same lis and construction techniques as he used on the totes, he built a center (see the photo above right),

____ing it with small drawers and bins to

[cpTitain writing supplies and CDs as well jfcolders for cups and his cellular Under the console lurks the speaker system for his 400-watt stereo [system, as well as a removable waste basket (hidden under the cooler). To the roof of the cabin he attached a shallow cabinet for holding notebooks and other paperwork (a snap-on strap holds them in place), and a paper-towel holder that can be reached from either the front or the back of the van.

Though some storage capacity in the partition wall was sacrif iced to the opening for the console, two significant benefits more than make up for the loss: First, the opening allows the driver to sec

The central console, shown here removed from the vehicle. holds writing supplies, CDs and other amenities.

The driver's compartment has been as painstakingly fitted for storage with as much care as the rear of the van.

directly behind the vehicle using the interior rear-view mirror—a big plus for safety. And second, with the console removed, molding stock up to 12 ft. long can be carried completely within the vehicle.

Hillenburg has used the van/toolbox for literally hundreds of trips to job sites, yet he never ceases to be amazed and delighted by how well it works for him. I'm not surprised—I too would quickly grow to love any toolbox that carried my tools with such good care and organization—and featured a built-in 400-watt stereo system. My only question for Jerry Hillenburg is this: How can you tear yourself away from your toolbox long enough to get any work done?

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