The Rolling Boxes of Louis Plourd

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Contractor Louis Plourd, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has a philosophy: "a place for everything and everything in its box." Living and working in a rugged climate, Plourd has learned the hard way

Plourd's table-saw box nearly encloses the machine. Photo by Forfar Products.

that construction tools last longest when provided with a secure, weathertight home. That's why, over the years, he has built a box of some kind for nearly every construction tool he owns. Plourd carries these boxes and additional supplies and accessories in larger wheeled boxes. One such box—the one shown in the photo at top right with the table saw-not only serves as a support and extension table for the saw, but also contains an air compressor with its hoses, nail guns and fasteners.

Plourd builds his larger rolling boxes by bolting joined plywood panels to an interior framework constructed from steel tubing (see the drawing above). He prefers '/¡»-in. Baltic birch plywood for the panels because it is strong and because exterior enamel paints adhere well to it. With the vulnerable edges of the plywood panels buried in either

This rolling toolbox by Louis Plourd tilts on end to open. Plywood panels wrap around an interior frame of steel tubing, forming a strong, weatherproof skin. Photos by Forfar Products.


YHn. steel electrical

Rabbet joint and inside corner seam filled with adhesive caulk

Through bolt

Rabbet joint and inside corner seam filled with adhesive caulk

Through bolt

Baltic birch plywood panels

YHn. steel electrical rabbet or dado joints, and with adhesive caulking applied to all the seams, Plourd had found this plywood to be highly resistant to the elements. (Note, however, that this resistance demands an initial high-quality paint job and regularly scheduled maintenance that includes touching up scratches and applying a fresh top coat every few years.) To extend the life of the paint job, Plourd covers the boxes with custom-fitted waterproof canvas covers whenever they sit outside on the truck or on the job site (see the photo at bottom right on p. 131).

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