Toolbox Work Table

[ When finish carpenter Bill Baird, of Pine Bush, New York, set out to design his rolling toolbox, he had in mind a box that would do more than carry most of his basic carpentry tools (which include a 24-in. framing square, a 48-in. level and a selection of hand power tools). He also wanted the box to serve as a portable workbench and door buck. Instead of making a standing box like Rodger Reid's, Baird built his box more like a

Built for double duty. Bill Bairds rolng box with retractable wheels not only carries r-os: of his tools to and from the job site, but also serves as a work table and door buck. With the pipe clamp/push handles removed, the full-length drawer can be opened to either side of the box. The swing-out side door opens to reveal a tool well. Photos by Bill Baird.

Axle shaft

Baird Clamp

This dimension is 3/< in. greater than distance from bottom of axle shaft to rim of wheel.

Toolbox side brace

Wheel Brace Carpentry

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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