Trimtool Tote

Hillenburg designed the trim-tool tote (see the photo at top right on the facing page) to accommodate most of the tools and supplies needed to install casing stock. Along with a pair of pneumatic nailers to punch in the casing fasteners, the tote carries the following items: pneumatic nails, a block plane to trim the joints, sandpaper to smooth them, adhesives and caulk, a removable tote for cans of putty, and a putty knife. Notice

The cordless-drill tote (above) holds two drills, a battery charger and extra batteries.

the finger-jointed box next to the putty-tote on the bottom shelf—its only-function is to catch the ooze-out from the caulking gun.

1 lillenburg wanted to make the stand tall enough so he wouldn't have to crouch when removing or replacing the heavy nail guns, but he soon discovered this height would make the tote hard to fit in the van. I lis solution was to make the compartment supporting the guns collapse into the stand on a simple pin and slot system. This not only reduced the height of the tote so it would fit under the storage shelf, but also lowered the unit's center of gravity, making it more stable. Hillenburg carries the stand onto the site in the collapsed mode, slinging the leather carry strap over his shoulder.

Hanging Doors Tools

The shim box (below) contains materials used for hanging doors.

The trim-tool tote carries tools and supplies needed to install casings. It is shown here in the working position, with the compartment holding the nailers extended upwards. When the tote is stored in the van. the compartment slides down to the bottom of the slots.

The shim box (below) contains materials used for hanging doors.

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