Two Tiered Totes

Organ repairman Ray Prince, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has come up with an entirely different breed of tote. Rather than building a box that had to be accessed through the opening of a lid, Prince created a tote that is literally all lids. This arrangement is exceptionally efficient for getting at every tool contained within. When Prince fans out the tiers on a waist-height workbench (or on a piece of plywood laid across a pair of sawhorses), the accessibility to his tools is similar to that offered by a typical shop-based standing cabinet.

Ray Prince's standing case of Honduras mahogany, basswood and maple carries his pipe-organ repair tools. Designed to stand upright on its three fanned-out tiers, the tote has proven to be exceptionally compact and efficient. Photos by Ray Prince.

In Prince's "organ-ized" tool tote, the auger-bit array resembles the pipes of a wind organ, dowels mimic drawknobs, and a "keyboard" functions as a stop for the tilt-out drill holder. Photo by Ray Prince.

Because it containes fewer tools and a tier's less wood, the two-tiered standing case created by boatbuilder Ellis Rowe, of Bucksport, Maine, is relatively easy to carry and transport. Not only does it display its contents clearly, it is also ultra-accessible—unlike the three-tier tote, you don't have to walk entirely around the case to get at all of the tools. But the lack of the third tier can be a drawback too: Standing on only two tiers (see the photo below), the case is much less stable, especially as you fan it farther out.

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