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Lifting handles double as bumpers.

Runners strengthen floor of box, provide sliding surface and hold box up off bed of truck.

Metal corner protectors (see the detail below) protect box corners from abrasion.--

Drain holes allow moisture to escape from box.

Inner lip Side

/-— Remove shaded section, then solder edges together.

Angled lid sheds water.

Interior framework of hardwood or metal strengthens corner seams and bottom.

Non-ferrous fasteners and waterproof glue extend life of joints.

Raised lip prevents water intrusion.

brass sheet

Drip groove

Even small hand totes that are designed to carry tools used only for interior work should be designed to resist water penetration—there's always a [ chance your box will get rained on going I to and from the site. One solution, especially effective for small open totes, is to fit the box with a waterproof fabric cover (see the photo at right). For lidded truck boxes, you can cut the lids at a [ water-shedding angle and install a raised I inner lip. Feet or runners Fixed to the underside will raise the box above the puddles. To rid the box of any moisture that might find its way into a box left open in a sudden downpour, drill drain holes in the lower corners. Boxes destined for use outdoors should have fully waterproof lids with overhangs and drip edges.

Any site box benefits from the application of a durable finish—from a

Ipolvurethane varnish on hand totes to a deck- or marine-grade paint (or perhaps a I fiberglass and epoxy) finish on the larger boxes. To ensure stability, apply an equal amount of finish to both the inside and | outside of the box. This strategy minimizes the variation of moisture exchange—and thus movement of the wood fibers-between the inside and outside surfaces. Applying a light color to the box's interior will brighten the inner recesses, making it easier to sec the contents.

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